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Professional Experiences

  • President, Sep 2012 - Present

    impACT! Software

    impACT! Software began from my kitchen table in 2007 though I didn’t have a name for the company at that time. I would help friends and business owners with spreadsheets and programs to help make their businesses more efficient. As time went on and technology increased I continued to self-educate to be able to continue to offer my services to those who were in need. In mid-2012, I created my first web based application, “Building Blocks” and implemented it with my first customer, Ohio Hail Relief. Since then, I have partnered with the Macomb Incubator and have added several more companies to my application.

  • Business Analyst, Feb 2011 - Oct 2012

    United Wholesale Mortgage

    United Wholesale Mortgage makes lending easy for originators by providing them with the highest level of customer service, communication and consistency. To grow their business, we supply the latest technology and best products that the mortgage industry has to offer.

  • See Resume for full history

Professional Recommendations

  • Allen Beydoun, Executive Vice President

    United Wholesale Mortgage

    “Quentin is one of the most determined individuals that I have come across. He is very eager to take on new challenges and is always looking for ways to improve on his strengths and weaknesses. He handles tasks that are assigned to him with a sense of urgency and determination to get the job done. It is pleasure to work with him. He is always looking for new ways to help improve processes to achieve company goals.”

  • Chad Osterhout, AVP

    United Wholesale Mortgage

    “Quentin is a great colleague of mine and makes my job significantly easier with all the programing and efforts he puts in daily to make our company better and more efficient! He is a huge asset to our company.”

  • Scott Knox, Account Executive

    United Wholesale Mortgage

    “I have worked with Quentin for over a year at UWM. Quentin is always looking for ways to improve our business systems and bridging the needs of the business through the use of IT. Quentin is always quick to respond to any issues and is an excellent asset to the organization.”

  • Rodney Forbush, Team Leader

    United Wholesale Mortgage

    “Quentin is a highly creative IT and marketing mind that does a fabulous job creating one-off specialized applications for our company.”

  • Sean Laidler, Account Executive

    United Wholesale Mortgage

    “Quentin Forgues is quite frankly a necessary cog in my wheel. He has Always been someone to innovate, and push the technological boundaries to ensure a bettter experience for all involved. He has a will to listen, assimilate information, and put an Idea into motion that creates Dolllars!! All in all, Quemtin is quite a joy to work with!!”

  • Brian Figliacconi, Team Leader

    United Wholesale Mortgage

    “Quentin Forgues is an elite individual that is highly intelligent and professional. I have worked with him on a slew of projects in the past and I can confidently say that he has some of the best organizational skills in the industry. His character, reliability, and knowledge of the industry are what separates him from the competition. Quentin is someone that you can depend on for anything and that is why I HIGHLY recommend him.”

  • Troy Evans, Team Leader

    United Wholesale Mortgage

    “Quentin was instrumental in rolling out technology that allowed the sales staff to greatly improve the level of service provided to our clients. In addition to this his willingness to help in areas that are not his direct reponsibility is a characteristic of Quentin's that will insure his future success.”

  • Shawn Devlin, Team Leader

    United Wholesale Mortgage

    “Quentin, "Q" as we referred to him, has been the "go to guy" for all the IS/IT answers on issues with systems or programming recommendtions. Very articulate in the innate ability to take an idea and bring it to life. Worked with Q on few brainstorm projects to the ability to share feedback after something was implemented, and Quentin has always amazed me (and all other teams) at being able to help with a solution or fix an error quickly. Thanks Q.”

  • Megan Kinsman, Marketing Assistant

    United Wholesale Mortgage

    “Quentin trained me on a new program. He was very helpful and patient with me while training. He always answered my questions and if he didn't know, he would find out and get back to me.”

  • Peggy Mosnot, Owner

    MAC Consulting

    “Quentin Forgues is an extremely successful business professional that I would elect to have working on my team regardless of the assignment. He has a very positive and creative approach to handling a project or task. His initiative continues to not only set him apart but give him a competitive edge. Quentin's strong technical background lends to increased efficiency and effectiveness on a daily basis. I would highly recommend him for any opportunities of consideration.”

  • Ernie Hummer, Vendor Representative

    Field Services

    “Quentin provide timely and complete work for our company as a Field Services subcontractor. He was always ready to expand his business into a new territory or add new services.”

  • Rodney Bush, Account Manager

    Suarez Corporation Industries

    “Quentin not only has a superior business ethic, he is a rounded husband and father. Any orginazation will be fortunate to have him on their team.”

  • Michael Lawrence, Owner

    SCI - Resource Partners

    “Quentin was my "go to" guy for close to a year. His effort was consistent and I could count on him to maximize each area of his task. He will be diligent and get the job done. I recommend Quentin for someone seeking reliable, consistent support that are within Quentin's skill set. I appreciate and respect his personality and skills.”

  • Jason Lucchesi, Regional Vice President

    Countrywide Full Spectrum Lending

    “Quentin is a top notch individual that is highly professional and intelligent. We've worked on projects in the past, and I can honestly say Quentin has some of the best organizational skills in the industry. He is somebody you can definitively depend on which is hard to find nowadays. I'd highly recommend Quentin.”


  • Lorain County Community College, Apr 1996 - Mar 1998

    Basic Studies

    I completed all courses with a passing grade including 2 English courses all while still in high school. My first college class was in the summer following my sophomore year in high school.

  • Online Courses

    Et Al

    Completed numerous training and licensing courses including: Microsoft Word, Excel and Publisher, HTML coding, Excel VBA, Life Accident and Health Licensing in Ohio, and Real estate Mortgage Broker License in California.

Web-based and Mobile Application Development

  • Building Blocks Demo

    Building Blocks Demo

    Web-based demo

    Quickly register for free and get a taste of how powerful a website can really be. A back end database can allow a whole host of reporting on any segment of your operation.

    Test it out!

Video Production

  • Account Executive

    Account Executive

    United Wholesale Mortgage

    Video introduction for an Account Executive for Brokers.

  • Vidorum

    Small Business Spotlight


    Describe your business and spread through the social networks to get a broader response rate in a fashion similar to what I did with Vidorum

  • Real Estate

    Real Estate


    Stand out as a Real Estate Agent who can sell any property with the ingenuity to incorporate technology and social networks to get your listings viewed and sold!

Website Development

  • First Church Sterling Heights

    Church / Faith Website

    First Church Sterling Heights, MI

    We try to take the most complex aspects of the hidden wonders contained within the Bible and convey them in a simple and yet powerful message.


  • Cheribums

    Childrens E-Commerce


    Cheribums is a Michigan based Company that specializes in helping your family live a more eco-friendly, natural, and chemical free life style on a budget.


  • Advantage Mortgage

    Mortgage Company Website

    Advantage Mortgage

    We strive to meet specific needs with a wide array of programs that provide service and individual attention.


  • Legacy Arms

    Weapons Training Website

    Legacy Arms

    Fostering and encouraging the rights of women American citizens to own and bear arms as provided by the Constitution of the United States of America.


  • Native Behavior

    DJ - Los Angeles, CA, USA

    Native Behavior

    California Natives - Jerred Christopher and Ethan Heathcoat make up the balanced parts of Native Behavior. Their listeners are swept into a plane of electronic euphoria through their melodic blending of their deep, techy and sometimes tribal sounds.


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